Top Reasons for using jute bags instead of plastic bags

Jute Bags

Today we see plastic and plastic products everywhere around us. With increasing dependence on plastic, pollution is also increasing. Plastic is the biggest threat to our environment, more than 80% of the waste that gets accumulated in the lakes and seas is plastic only. This is quite a prominent danger to human and aquatic life. You can easily see polythene bags, plastic bottles and a lot more of garbage in the beaches, lakes etc which is consumed by sea creatures like turtles, fishes etc thus endangering their lives.

With increasing use of plastic bags, the heaps of waste and disposed plastic is also increasing. In many countries the waste belts have started to look like white mountains of disposed plastic. As a result many governments have taken serious measures to stop the use of plastic bags.

The world is starting to realize that plastic should not be used. Many countries have prohibited plastics for betterment of health and environment, as plastic bags keep on adding up landfills and cause contamination issues. Considering its hazardous nature more and more cities and countries all over are replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly substitutes. One such substitute is Jute. In comparison to plastic, Jute is biodegradable and compostable. In terms of reusability, space usage, cost, durability and porosity, Jute has picked up an enormous significance over the years.

Jute bags have come up as a savior as compared to the plastic bags. But still plastic bags are being used frequently and it is quite difficult to take them away from our lives completely as plastic bags are used everywhere, right from a vegetable merchant to a fashion store. Let us see what are the top reasons for using jute bags instead of plastic bags.

Plastic Bags vs Jute Bags:

  1. Jute is a product, which is not only cheap but also easily available in the market. Jute is an exceptionally strong natural fiber and is biodegradable. Plastics are non-biodegradable items, which takes 400 years to break down.
  2. Plastic bags are very popular amongst the retailers and buyers, since they are lightweight, useful, cheap, and strong and are easy to carry things.  However, plastic bags are not reusable and the huge amount of waste plastic is getting collected which is disposed filling up the land.
  3. Plastic bags are manufactured using petroleum which is not a renewable natural resource thus exhausting an important natural resource. In comparison to this, jute bags manufacturing only requires jute which is grown naturally. Thus, it is very clear that jute bags are eco-friendly compared to the plastic bags for helping our natural resources from getting exhausted.
  4. Jute bags are long lasting compared to plastic bags because they are reusable, durable and looks good for a longer period. On the other hand poly bags and plastic bags have shorter life and begin losing its shine sooner. Thus a shorter life span implies large number of waste plastic going into bins resulting in deterioration of the environment and health of the living beings.
  5. Jute bags take very little time to decompose like just a couple of weeks whereas the decay of plastic bags is done in thousands of years thus littering the environment for a much longer period. So we should make use of jute bags.

Amazing facts about jute

  • Jute is eco-friendly.
  • Jute can be reused.
  • Jute bags get decomposed in a couple of weeks.
  • Jute bags are exceptionally strong.
  • Jute has low CO2 footprint
  • Jute has low water footprint
  • Jute bags are low cost and trendy

All these benefits make jute bags the most vital items manufactured using jute. Jute bags can be used in many ways such as backpacks, school bags, shopping bags, carry bags and many more. These jute bags are easy to carry and come in many sizes, types, textures, colors and are easily available with jute bags manufacturers.

Let us all contribute in saving environment and confine from using plastic bags and replace it with jute bags. Even one step in this direction can help save the planet from the hazards of plastic.


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